14th May 2014 • Categories: Construction, Product Introductions

The Malco Channel Shear for drywall metal stud and runner is EASY LOADING, EASY CUTTING, EASY TO CARRY and STORE, and now EASY ON THE BUDGET!

SRC24A Collage for Blog

The Malco Channel Shear Model SRC24A cuts completely through a drywall metal stud or runner in one easy stroke without deforming the channel shape. A unique die assembly surrounds the channel to ensure a clean, precise cut. The hollow-ground, guillotine style, hardened steel blade holds its cutting edge longer and is also easily re-sharpened or replaced.  Compound head to handle linkage and a 36-in (91 cm)  handle length provide additional leverage to make cutting almost effortless in galvanized steel channel up to 20-gauge (1.02 mm). Three different dies are available for various sizes of metal studs.  Thick vinyl handle grips complete this ergonomically correct operation.  Lightweight and portable enough to go where you need it, when you need it, the Channel Shear also features a handle clamp for easy carrying or storage.  Rugged all-steel construction offers long, dependable service life.

Many contractors already know about the labor saving performance of Malco’s Channel Shear.  What some contractors may not know is that this versatile job-site tool can save time and money for any size building firm.  Malco is re-introducing the SRC24A Shear at a new lower suggested trade price of $400.  Worth a second Look?

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