The Best Saw Blades & Hole Saws for Smooth, Sharp Cuts

16th March 2021 • Categories: Products, Construction, Fiber Cement

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At Malco, we know that quality tools help get the job done right. When it comes to cutting wood, vinyl, fiber cement, steel, and more, having the best saw blades and hole saws on hand can help you achieve the results you want the first time. As a leading manufacturer of tools of the trade, Malco is pleased to offer a wide variety of saw blades and hole saws for various applications, from cutting roofing and gutters to drywall and siding. We take pride in combining the most durable materials and superior manufacturing processes to bring the following tools to market.

Malco’s Best Saw Blades & Hole Saws for Cutting Wood, Vinyl & More

BiMetal by Malco® Reciprocating Saw Blades

BiMetal by Malco Reciprocating Saw Blades stack up against the rest. First introduced in 1982, these shatterproof blades are formulated from a premium metal composition consisting of a high-speed, steel-cutting edge that’s micro welded to a flexible, high-carbon steel back. Various models are available for razor-sharp cutting through wood with nails, metal pipes, angles, and a variety of specialty applications from drywall to drain pipe. Able to withstand the test of time, see for yourself why these are some of the best saw blades that Malco has to offer.

Circular Saw Blades

Count on Malco’s Circular Saw Blades to produce smooth cuts through vinyl, fiber cement, and steel. Available with 7-1/4”, 10”, and 12” diameters, the vinyl-cutting circular saw blades feature flat ground teeth to make clean cuts in vinyl fencing, vinyl siding, and plastic trim. The fiber cement-cutting circular saw blades are also available with 7-1/4”, 10”, and 12” diameters. These unique blades are made of perfectly tensioned, hardened tool steel and feature PCD (Polycrystalline Diamond)-faced carbide tips for a longer cutting life.

They also are built with a low number of teeth and deeper gullets to produce cleaner, more precise cuts, resulting in an accurately matched trim edge and tighter seams. The steel-cutting circular saw blade is available in one  7-1/4” model that fits all popular brands of portable circular saws. This specially formulated, c-6 carbide-tipped blade lasts up to 30 times longer than abrasive disks for cutting unhardened ferrous metal.

Hole Saws

“Hole in One” Hole Saw

hole saw

Made with shatterproof BiMetal by Malco construction, this hole saw comes with a dedicated arbor so that it’s ready to use. Get vibration-free cuts in any machinable metal, including tool steels and stainless. A variable 4/6 pitched tooth configuration milled into a high-speed steel edge and micro welded to a shatterproof, alloy-steel body easily tackles nail-embedded wood. A generous 1-7/8” cup depth allows cuts in wooden studs, joists, and door slabs in one pass.

Gutter Outlet Saw

Gutter Outlet Saws

Built for use with a minimum ½” cordless or corded electric drill and Malco Combination Arbor and High-Speed Pilot Drill, these gutter outlet saws make safe, fast, clean cuts in thin-walled and half-round gutters. The downspout fits snug and flush with the gutter every time. High-speed steel teeth set at 10 per inch will not grab or twist material, even when cutting half-round gutters.

“Quick Action” Carbide Tipped Hole Saws

Versatile for cutting through a variety of thick or layered wood, wall tile, fiberglass, plastic, and tough fiber-cement siding, these hole saws feature aggressive carbide-tipped teeth with deep self-cleaning gullets and a generous 2-1/4” cup depth. All 19 available models of this hole saw share a unique “quick connect” arbor design that is compatible with industry-standard 5/8-18 hole saw threads. The arbor easily holds or releases Malco “Quick Change” Pilot Drills and ejects saw plugs with ease.

Vent Saw

Malco’s Vent Saw is designed for cutting all types of hard and softwood and other non-ferrous materials, including plywood, composition board, and siding. This saw helps fit fresh air intakes through foundation plates, exterior siding, or facing materials encountered in residential or light commercial installations of gas- or oil-fired furnaces. It also features easily replaceable alloy steel blades and a versatile one-piece cast aluminum arbor/mandrel combination with a 7/16” pilot drill. The webbed mandrel allows for easy plug removal, and a built-in arbor eliminates the need for separate arbor attachments.

Malco's Sheet Metal Vent Hole Saw

With over 70 years in business, Malco has been established as a name that trade professionals trust. Look no further for the best saw blades and hole saws for your tool kit!