Socket-Drive TORX Bit Kit

5th March 2015 • Categories: New Product, Products, Product Introductions, Connext-Handles, Construction, HVAC


 Paired with a Versatile CONNEXT3™ Quick-Connect Ratcheting Handle


12 Socket Drive Torx Bits
3 Hex Drive Adapters for 1/4,
3/8 & 1/2 in Square Drives
CONNEXT3™ Ratcheting
Handle with 1/4 in Holder
Durable Polymer Case
NOTE: Not for use with impact drivers.


Sure, you can use other drivers, including your socket wrench or an air driver.  So this HAND DRIVER TORX KIT is just one more addition to your arsenal of tools, and you can’t have enough of those right?  But this is the real deal.  The Malco CONNEXT3™ Ratcheting Handle makes this kit a genuine get-it done professional tool solution that meets torque capacity standards (including ANSI) comparable to a 1/2-inch solid shaft driver.  And here’s a bonus!  The Ratcheting Handle not only accepts the kit’s 3 square drive adapters but also works with any other 1/4 inch hex shank grooved driver or insert bit.  Did we mention that you also get 12 hardened steel Socket Drive Torx Bits?  Now we did.  See kit contents above for sizes.  Replacement bits (if you lose one) are available.  Adapters are also available as a 3-piece kit.  So what do you think?  Let us know.  Your feedback, nice or otherwise, is important to us.  Blog away!  Then go to to find your nearest Malco Dealer Location or Online Distributor if shopping on the job or on the couch.