Seven Time-Saving Gutter Installation Tools

17th August 2021 • Categories: Gutter Outlet Tools, Made in USA

7 gutter installation tools from Malco

Owning a home comes with its own set of rewards and challenges. You have your personal space to live and thrive, but regular maintenance, such as replacing worn gutters and repairing damaged siding, is the key to making sure that your home withstands the test of time. With the colder months along the horizon, fall is a busy time for homeowners to wrap up their outdoor projects. If you’re a trade professional in the gutter industry, Malco has got you covered with reliable, time-saving gutter installation tools to streamline the entire process.

Gutter Installation Tools You Can Count On

1. Gutter Outlet Punch (GOT)

This patented lightweight gutter tool quickly and easily cuts a clean downspout drop hole anywhere along the length of an aluminum gutter. An easy ratcheting mechanism and angled punch blade provide smooth cutting action. The high-carbon steel blades ensure long service life and are also easily replaceable. This tool’s heat-treated components and weather-resistant finishes provide added strength and durability.

2. Gutter Outlet Saws (GOS1 EV, GOS2 EV, GOS3 EV, GOS4 EV& GOS5 EV)

Gutter Outlet Saws

Built for use with a minimum ½” cordless or corded electric drill and Malco Combination Arbor and High-Speed Pilot Drill, these gutter outlet saws make safe, fast, clean cuts in thin-walled and half-round gutters. The downspout fits snug and flush with the gutter every time. High-speed steel teeth set at 10 per inch will not grab or twist material, even when cutting half-round gutters.

3. Gutter End Cap Crimper/Adjustable Snap Lock Punch (SL2R)

Gutter End Cap Crimper

This handy snap lock punch is ideal for crimping gutter end caps in place or creating locking tabs for sheet metal duct corners. A slide adjustment for throat depth allows settings from ¼” to 5/8” depth. Built with rust-resistant nickel plate and black-oxide finishes, this tool will last you for years to come. Not only can you operate this tool one-handed, but it also features ergonomic RedLine® Handle technology, which compliments the natural power stroke of any user’s hand.

4. 5-Blade Gutter Downspout Crimper (C4R)

Gloved hand crimping a white gutter downspout with Malco's 5-blade C4R tool

Look no further for an ergonomic downspout crimper, built with RedLine® Handles, that efficiently downsizes the corners of aluminum or steel downspout. This unique design produces 1-1/4”-long double crimps without causing deformation of downspout walls. You can expect a tight-fitting, factory-like crimp each and every time. Made with hardened all-steel construction and a nickel-chrome finish, you can feel confident that this tool will endure countless uses. 

5. Single Crimper (SC2)

Single Crimper

Simple but effective. This light-duty tool is built without grips and is designed to make a single crimp for downsizing aluminum downspouts. It’s compact and can easily fit within a tool bag.

6. Gutter Nail Driver (GND)

Malco's GND Gutter Nail Tool Next to White Downspout


Use this nail driver with hidden hangers and 8D galvanized nails to easily hang aluminum or steel gutters. Featuring a non-slip, ergonomic grip, you have multiple positions for grasping the tool and working from above or below roof overhang. Built for long service life, this nail driver has durable two-piece steel construction, as well as weather-resistant zinc and nickel plating.

7. Gutter Screw Guide (GSG6)

Malco Gutter Screw Guide being used on a gutter

This extra-long screw guide works over the outside edge of rain gutter to hold and guide 1/4” hex-head screws up to 3-3/4” long. The power drive’s hex shank fits any drill or ¼” impact driver, and the aluminum sleeve guide ensures support for fast, accurate screw starts and for stabilizing long screws, at any angle, during installation. You can count on the screw to sit flush every time with a spring-loaded magnet that won’t fall out during use.

These specialty tools are built with quality materials and designed to meet the needs of hard-working trade professionals. Malco takes pride in manufacturing gutter installation tools that Work. Perform. Outlast.