Nursing Home Blues

27th November 2012 • Categories: Santa's Writers Workship 11-26-12

I am writing this true story to you today about a incident that happened to me at work one evening, I work in a Nursing Home in the town where I live, it’s a small town where just about everyone knows each other.
One night while working 3rd shift one of my residents wheelchair literally fell apart while they were going to there room for the night,with this happening it left the resident laying on the floor, he is quit a large built man that is way to large for us to simply pick up.
Being in a small town where they actually roll up the sidewalks at dark left us in a pickle, fortunately I had some of my Malco tools in my car and was able to re-assemble his wheelchair for him which made all of us very happy.
I guess the moral of my story is Malco saved the day for us while living in a small town where tools at the time were not readily available.
There has actually been several times while at work I have had to use my own tools to help my residents and other employees fix or build the items.