Malco’s NEW Impact-Grade Chuck Drivers are Here

1st March 2017 • Categories: New Product

Are you using an impact driver yet? We understand that the cordless drill is the most popular portable power tool out there, but hand-tool users everywhere have jumped on the bandwagon for the impact driver. Why? It’s pretty simple: an impact driver drives screws faster and easier than any other tool.

Malco Impact-Grade Chuck Drivers — Go Blue!

Malco has a new, distinctive, blue line of chuck drivers that give you an assurance that your inserts and power bits will withstand the kind of impact driver stress for each fastening application. And, all Malco Impact-Grade Chuck Driver inserts and power bits are precisely machined for positive, fail-proof engagement of the fastener head.

Impact Chuck Driver

Our Magnetic Hex Chuck Drivers feature a spring-loaded, floating magnet that prevents breakage from impact driver stress or from higher-profile screw hex head screws that may seat directly on the magnet. Get high-torque action with Star, Phillips and Square Power and Insert Bits and magnetic, color coded short, long and extra-long hex chuck drivers. Star, Phillips and Square bit selections feature unique high-torque steel construction and a design that absorbs and dissipates impact-driver-induced stress at peak loads.

Impact DriversImpact Chuck Drivers

These features include the following benefits:

  • The spring loaded magnet in the nut setters reduces or eliminates the magnet from breaking when used with an Impact Driver and high head fasteners.
  • The impact grade steel construction is built to absorb the force from impact drivers.
  • The color coded painted ring nut setters follow industry standard colors for quick reference and the ring won’t come off.
  • The blue base color identifies the nut setter as Malco Impact Grade and distinguishes it from other Malco offerings as well as the competition.


Impact drivers are ideal for building decks, installing tile backer board, and screwing down plywood subfloors — anything where you’ll be drilling a lot of screws. The Malco Blue Impact-Grade Chuck Driver inserts and power bits give you the best results you can get anywhere. Go Blue!

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