Smooth Out Your Workday with Malco’s NEW Conformable Sander for Autobody

7th February 2018 • Categories: New Product, Autobody Tools

If you’ve spent any time at all doing auto body work, you’ve probably got your fair share of sanders lying around your work space. Well at Malco, we’re happy to tell you that you don’t need them anymore! We unveiled our new Conformable Sander last winter and it’s getting rave reviews from everyone who’s used it.

autobody sander

With Malco’s Conformable Sander, you can now sand precise auto body contours fast and easy—it’s the first re-usable Flexible sanding block that holds a hand-pressed contour throughout the entire sanding operation. A unique segmented block design quickly conforms to curved geometry down to an 8.5 inch (216 mm) inside block radius, to produce convex, concave or S-curve contours. An internal aluminum memory bar holds the desired contour shape in place for sanding. The segmented block can be set and re-set with reasonable hand force. The ability to easily grasp the generous contours of the sanding block itself reduces fatigue and ensures even-pressure sanding.

“What I like about this block is that it conforms to the panel and it holds its shape. It also has a great feel and your fingers don’t get sore when you’re sanding,” said one auto-repair technician. “The pressure you need on this block is very minimal—it basically floats on the material with the sand paper doing all of the work. As you’re sanding, you can still turn your block to achieve your cross hatch pattern and shorten your repair time because it contours and you’re not trying to form your contour like with a flat block.”

The Conformable Sander uses standard 2-3/4 inch (70 mm) wide hook and loop backed abrasive paper. A thin, ultra-flexible, paper-slide interface allows the block contour to be changed without buckling or tearing the paper.

Malco’s Conformable Sander is available in two sanding lengths—5.5 inches and 8.25 inches as defined by the slide that accepts standard paper tear-off increments. Both the engineered polymer block and slide are impervious to shop solvents and will not mar or scratch the auto body surface. Inexpensive paper-slides are a replaceable part and available in handy 3-packs.

Simple to use and easy on your hands and fingers, with easy-to-replace paper, this sander responds to the grooves and bumps as they come—making your life as an auto body technician that much easier.

For labor-saving speed, precision and ease of operation—look for the Malco Conformable Sander wherever professional body shop tools are sold or buy it online!

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