Malco’s Corporate Sustainability Initiatives: Minimizing Our Environmental Impact

22nd April 2021 • Categories: Made in USA, Malco Company

Corporate Sustainability Initiatives

At Malco, we strive to continuously reduce our impact on the planet. In honor of Earth Day, we wanted to highlight the various corporate sustainability initiatives that we’ve integrated into our daily operations. From converting to LED lighting to utilizing local suppliers and recycling materials, Malco has supported environmentally friendly business practices for years. Follow along as we break down the actions we take to preserve our precious home.

Three Types of Corporate Sustainability Initiatives

Workplace Updates

At our manufacturing facility in DeWitt, NE, we have motion sensors throughout the building for lighting, with approximately 75% of the bulbs converted over to LED for optimal energy efficiency at this location and our corporate headquarters in Annandale, MN. We’ve also installed a digital human resources and workforce management solution to cut down on paper usage. In addition, we’ve converted over 90% of our distributors to place orders and receive invoices electronically, with over 50% of payments being paperless.

Going Local

 We utilize local suppliers for secondary processes, such as heat treating and plating. We also work with a local delivery company. This reduces our carbon footprint and also supports businesses within our community.

Recycling Efforts

For our clamshell packaging, we use recycled PET plastic vs. PVC, as well as recyclable paper and no adhesive so that the plastic and paper cleanly separate for recycling. We also recycle all of our cardboard after it undergoes a compactor process that creates a large bail. On top of that, we recycle our wood skids, plastic, and scrap manufacturing materials such as aluminum, stainless, cold-rolled, forgings, castings, etc. Although we take steps to reduce waste, we follow all regulatory requirements to remove any non-recyclable materials through permits, testing, storage, multiple layers of paperwork, signatures, and documentation.

As a lean enterprise, we are proud to have these corporate sustainability initiatives in place. Every action to positively impact our planet counts, big or small. Happy Earth Day from all of us at Malco!