USA Manufacturing Continues to Drive the American Economy

29th August 2016 • Categories: Made in USA, Recognition

USA manufacturing

“We start with the finest raw materials available, very robust processes, built with American craftsmanship with the finest labor available. We do thorough field research where we’re checking with our end users on what the exact needs are in the market place. After we understand those needs, we go to work and find innovative solutions that make the jobs easier for the end user. “ – Eric Peterson, Director of Sales & Marketing, Malco Products, SBC

USA Manufacturing & American Ingenuity

That might sound like a relatively simple plan, and, in fact it is. It’s executing the details of that plan however, that separate Malco Products, SBC from the competition. The finest raw materials. Craftsmanship and the finest labor available. Thorough field research to find the exact needs in the market place. All of that leads to innovative solutions.

Yes, it might be a simple plan that Eric talks about above, but it’s executing that plan time and time again to the extreme satisfaction of our customers that has made and kept Malco Products, SBC a thriving, successful USA manufacturing company for over 65 years.

“The number one feedback that we hear from customers is ‘your tools plain work and outlast the competition’ and that’s a testament to our durability. End users simply can’t have tools break in the field and continue to work. Our tools constantly out-perform and if your job and your time are important to you, Malco products are the way to go.”—Eric Peterson.

Work. Perform. Outlast. Those three words are integral to the success of Malco as a company. We’re constantly looking for ways to innovate and improve upon our existing products to make the end user’s jobs easier, more efficient and safer.

At H&S Heating & Air Conditioning, we’ve been using Malco products for over 27 years. We use over 20 of the Malco Products. It increases productivity and the biggest thing is reliability. We can’t afford to have down time, so we need a quality piece of product that can help us with sheet metal, help us with in floor heat, help us in our day-to-day services.” – Jeremy Salzbrun, CEO, H&S Heating & Air Conditioning, St. Cloud, MN.

Outsourcing to other countries has erupted into a business issue and a national discussion during this election year. At Malco we continue to believe in American ingenuity and USA manufacturing, and we’ve been able to adapt, adjust and continue to roll out successful products by targeting markets and identifying specialized industry niches.

Malco has continued our founder’s tradition of leadership and innovation, and continually addressed the changing industry landscape and responded to emerging market needs for new specializations and more customized products and services.

A simple plan? Perhaps, but it’s certainly a successful one and Malco is going to stick with it.

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