Malco Unveils New Impact Grade Quick-Change Extension Bits

19th March 2018 • Categories: New Product

No matter what you do for work, your job more than likely has some pitfalls. That’s right, we’re saying it: there’s no such thing as a perfect job! For any professional who uses hand tools, we don’t have to tell you that one of the every-day nuisances of the job is impact bit holders that just don’t hold up under every day use.

Sure, it depends on what tools you use and what you’re using them for, but both issues result from wear. A loose fit plus some torque can jam up the bit, and a loose fit will also lead to dropped bits.

At Malco we’re constantly trying to improve the lives of professionals who use hand tools. We have long-standing traditions of quality and innovation and in that tradition we are proud to announce our brand NEW Impact Grade Quick-Change Extension Bits.

Offering a secure fit, these quick-change extension bits have a fast and easy push-in style receiver, with three ball bearing detents and holds any ¼-inch hex shank power groove or insert bit securely. Retract the collar only when removing a bit.

Available in four sizes, these quick-change extension bits have impact grade steel construction that make these durable extensions versatile for use with any impact driver or Malco CONNEXT Handle!

Impact Grade Quick Change Extension Bits

Made to be extremely durable, with one-handed, quick release, these quick-change extension bits are available in 12, 10, 6, and 3 inch lengths. Please remember to never combine extension bits, as doing so can result in damage to the tool or injury to the user.

Impact Grade Quick Change Extension Bits

Like we said, no job is perfect. If you use hand tools you know that bits will jam up from time to time, get stuck in the fastener or the constant frustration of dropped insert bits. Malco is trying to make life easier for hand tool professionals and we’re proud to announce our new Impact Grade Quick-Change Extension Bits.

Work. Perform. Outlast. At Malco that’s just what we do.

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