Malco Unveils Dual-Sided Magnetic Reversible Hex Driver

28th February 2017 • Categories: New Product

We hope you were able to attend the 2017 AHR Expo in Las Vegas from January 30-February 1, but if you weren’t, we’d love to share a little bit about Malco’s latest new product—our MSHC Dual-Sided Reversible Hex Driver. This new driver has a “cleanable” magnet and comes in both ¼ and 5/16 inch sizes.

The NEW Dual-Sided Magnetic Reversible Hex Driver

Magnetic Reversible Hex DriverReversible Hex Driver

Malco’s exclusive double-duty chuck driver with an “easy clean magnet,” ensures that every-day-use ¼” and 5/16” hex drives are always close at hand and positively engage the fastener head. It’s the perfect system when paired with Malco Zip-in and Bit-Tip screws.

This Reversible Hex Driver has a design that offers the quick convenience of changing hex tip size while the shaft is still engaged in the drill or driver chuck.

It’s the Perfect System when Paired with Malco Zip-In & Bit-Tip Screws

This dual-sided reversible hex driver also has an accessible “Easy Clean Magnet” that requires just a swipe with a glove or cloth to clear any metal shavings and ensure that engagement of your Zip-in or Bit-Tip hex head is never compromised and always seats flush.

The tested torque of the reversible hex chuck driver design is equal to one-piece drivers and, best of all, you pay less per hex size versus separate chuck driver sizes of comparable length!

Malco continues to make life easier for anyone who works with hand tools. Again, this new, dual-sided reversible hex driver is quickly reversible, has one-piece strength and you’re able to easily remove metal shavings from the magnetic tip.

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