Malco Releases New HVAC App: AdvantEDGE

5th February 2016 • Categories: AdvantEDGE, HVAC

Malco is proud to announce their latest tool, one that will surely make life on the job a whole lot easier for HVAC technicians: the Malco AdvantEDGE app.


The new AdvantEDGE app introduces a whole new way to be efficient and to stay connected on the job. The app can be downloaded to your phone, surface or laptop and will give technicians easy access to digital manuals, instructional videos and a real-time forum for HVAC techs.

HVAC Solutions Right at Your Fingertips

The AdvantEDGE app will allow technicians to get answers on the fly, as simple as click, find and done. No more paging through cumbersome instructional manuals or calling back to headquarters when you’re stuck in a jam out on a job. Every tech knows the pain of being out on a job, breaking a tool and not having the slightest idea where the closest retailer is. With the AdvantEDGE app, finding the nearest location will be as simple as click, find and done.

At Malco we’re helping HVAC technicians maximize their productivity with the simple click of an app. The AdvantEDGE app is your one-stop HVAC solution for all those problems and questions that arise while out on a job.

Be a part of the HVAC community and find solutions to your work questions, from tool choices to job logistics and step by step work-throughs. Malco is making HVAC a lot easier with the AdvantEDGE app—FREE for a limited time!

Malco AdvantEDGE App

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