The NEW Malco Non-Marring Gutter Screw Guide

10th May 2016 • Categories: Gutter Outlet Tools, New Product

Spring showers bring….? Too often April and May showers bring leaking water into the exterior walls of a home. This can happen to a home especially when gutter nails and fasteners come loose from their respective locations and cause the gutters to hang away from the roof.

Obviously, nobody wants that.

The Ultimate Gutter Screw Guide is Here

That’s why we recommend changing from gutter nails to screws, which will help your gutters stay nice and firm against your house and keep you from getting any leakage. The good news for you is that Malco has proudly introduced their new, long-reach Gutter Screw Guide, which works over the outside edge of a rain gutter to hold and drive ¼-inch hex head screws up to 3-3/4 inches long.

Gutter Screw Guide

If you happen to have gutters that tend to sag away from your house and want to switch over to gutter screws, we recommend climbing a ladder and counting how many nails you have (and also check the ferrules as well to see if any of them need replacing. The ferrules are the small cylindrical objects where the stems of the nails are fitted in to.

You should take a sample nail and ferrule from the gutter and bring them with you to the hardware store, so that you know exactly what size replacements you need. Pull out the old nails, either by hand if you’re able, or with a claw hammer if it’s still in too tight to just pull off.

You don’t want to use the exact holes the nails
were in, pick a spot just above the previous hole. Our new Gutter Screw Guide is an impact-grade 6-inch long power drive, with a 4-1/2 inch anodized aluminum sleeve, provides easy access to the mounting surface of eaves without marring the gutter finish. The Gutter Screw Guide Toolpower drive’s hex shank fits any drill or ¼-inch impact driver and the aluminum sleeve guide ensures support for fast, accurate screw starts and for stabilizing long screws, at any angle, during installation. A permanently bonded, spring loaded magnet keeps the hex head screw fully engaged in the power drive. The screw seats flush every time and the magnet will not fall out!

This new Gutter Screw Guide is another great example of Malco’s long-standing tradition of quality and innovation.

Let spring showers bring flowers, not water leaks in your home!


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