Malco GOLD STANDARD Hole Cutters handle up 20-gauge steel!

10th November 2009 • Categories: New Product, Product Introductions, Hole Cutters


Distinctive gold Cutter Bits, gold Bearings and a gold Pivot Pin are visual assurance that you have purchased the longest lasting, fastest cutting, easiest adjusting hole-cutting solution for sheet metal applications.

With a 20-gauge capacity in galvanized steel (1.02mm) or mild steel (0.91mm), Malco Hole Cutters are ideal for making large or small diameter take-offs in metal ductwork, cutting outlet holes in metal building and roofing panels or threading utility holes in metal stud framing. The compact model HC1 Hole Cutter is adjustable for making 2-inch to 12-inch (51 to 305mm) diameter holes. The larger HC2 model cuts 2-inch to 20-inch (51 to 508mm) holes. A combination English/Metric gauge is provided on the pivot slide of both models. Pivot pin adjustment is fast and easy with the aid of a wrench or screwdriver shaft. The pivot pin design also features large bolt and nut threads to resist stripping or fracture, and a low profile for easy hand clearance. One Cutter Bit fits both Hole Cutter models and is easily replaceable on the job. A fast drilling speed for creating pilot holes assures an overall speedy hole cutting operation. The Malco cutter bit features a long-lasting, mill type cutting edge and a large flat for adjusting the cutting edge location up or down to extend bit life. Precision-fit, sealed bearings also extend bit life by preventing premature wear of cutting edge or failure of bit shank.

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