19th September 2013 • Categories: Autobody Tools, New Product, Product Introductions, Products, Turbo Shears, Want to be a Star

Congratulations to our TurboShear Testimonial Winners, Jonathan Diehl and Evan Gehman!

Thank you Jonathan and Evan for your winning testimonial submissions stating how much you absolutely love and cherish your Malco TurboShear.  How fitting that you should receive another Malco TurboShear of your choice as an award!

Jonathan Diehl wrote a testimonial for the “Original” Model TS1 TurboShear:  “Want a job done lickety-split?  Then you need the TS1.  Cuts through metal like butter!”  Jonathan chose a second TS1 TurboShear as his award!

Evan Gehman wrote about the Model TSS1 “Shingle-Cutting” TurboShear: “The TSS1 turns my cordless drill into a powerful cutting machine that saves time and money on the job!”  Evan chose another Shingle-Cutting TurboShear as his award but opted for an Air Powered Model TSS1A.

Both Jonathan and Evan will be featured on “special edition” packaging sporting their respective testimonials (Jonathan on TS1 packaging and Evan on TSS1 packaging).  The special TS1 and TSS1 packaging will be available at Malco dealer locations across the country now through the end of 2013.  We thank both of these gentlemen for the use of their portrait photo images and for their kind words.