Make Your Life Easier With Malco Hole Cutters and Cutter Bits

27th August 2018 • Categories: Hole Cutters, Construction, HVAC, Made in USA

Any user of hand tools knows that cutting holes in sheet metal can be a pain in the you-know-what. Either you are fumbling around with aviation snips to try and cut the perfect hole on duct metal, or you are carrying around a whole bag of hole saws to cut through sheet metal.

As always, at Malco we’re all about making your work life easier and more productive. If you’re an HVAC technician you certainly don’t want to waste time making holes with a screwdriver and then cutting holes out with a pair of snips. That’s time consuming and doesn’t give you very good holes. That’s why we offer Malco Hole Cutters and Cutter Bits—the “Gold Standard” in hole cutters.

“This thing works GREAT!!! I have installed quite a bit of duct, but always did it the old-fashioned way, by banging a screwdriver through the tin, then cutting the holes out with snips. NEVER AGAIN! With this tool, cutting a 6″ hole takes maybe 45 seconds, and it is always round, and placed correctly. Just sorry I didn’t buy one of these years ago.”—Technician testimonial from an online seller.

Distinctive gold bits, bearings and pivot pin signify the longest lasting, fastest cutting, easiest adjusting solution for cutting holes in sheet metal. Malco Hole Cutters quickly install into the chuck of any corded or cordless drill as small as ¼ (6.35 mm). Lightweight aluminum frames make these accessories extremely portable for a variety of hole cutting applications in sheet metal including 20-gauge (1.02 mm) galvanized steel. A compact model HC1 Hole Cutter is adjustable for making 2 to 12” (51 to 305 mm) diameter holes. The larger HC2 model cuts 2 to 20” (51 to 508 mm) holes. A combination English/Metric diameter gauge is included on the adjustable pivot slide for both models and both models use the same mill-type Cutter Bit and replacement parts.

The HC1 and HC2 hole cutters feature Malco’s “Gold Standard” Cutter Bits. These cutter bits feature a long-lasting, mill-type cutting edge and large flat for adjusting the cutting edge location up or down to extend the bit life. One cutter bit fits either model and is easily replaceable. The bits are available in 1 pack (#CB), 6 pack (#CBB) and bulk pack (CB100).

Features of the Malco Cutter Bits include:

• Versatile for a variety of metal work
• Longest lasting cutter bit
• Precision-fit sealed bearings
• Easy-adjusting pivot pin

Malco Hole Cutters and Cutter Bits store easily in a tool box and features lightweight aluminum frame and high-speed bearings at the top and bottom of the drill shaft to assure perfect cutting balance and long cutting life.

Work. Perform. Outlast. That’s our tagline here at Malco and we’re continually working to make products that improve the work life of our customers. Malco Hole Cutters and Cutter Bits help technicians get the job done faster and more efficiently.