Made in USA

7th May 2015 • Categories: Products, Product Introductions, Autobody Tools, Construction, Made in USA


Presented here are some jottings and discussion threads intended to generate sharing of thoughts and feedback on the meaning and merits of “Made in USA” for you.  Please be civil so that all may be heard.

 What does the term Made in USA Mean?

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), in brief, defines use of the “Made in USA” mark as a country-of-origin label indicating that a product is “all or virtually all” made in the United States. 

 What does Made in USA mean to you?

Malco believes that a product’s country of origin still means something to trade professionals, and that the “Made in USA” mark remains a strong quality endorsement and driver of purchasing decisions by pros. 

The term, NOS (New Old Stock), has crept into the vernacular to describe the practice of combing through a store display in search of the last U.S. made product remaining after a trusted brand’s manufacturing operations moved to foreign soil.

 More questions than answers?

        Do brand loyalties follow a product off-shore?

        Do users seek out U.S. made substitutes or alternatives for bygone U.S. made brands?

What do you think?  Let us know.  Your feedback is important to us and other bloggers.  So blog away!  Then go to to explore all of the Malco “Made in USA” products proudly indicated with this mark: