Impressed with the TurboShear

12th November 2012 • Categories: Santa's Writers Workship 11-12-12

I’m a sheetmetal worker central Illinois area. I’ve been working at the Marriott’s renovation project of the 288 guest room Pierre Marquette hotel built in 1926. Most of the 12 floor HVAC system is being replaced. It has a project deadline in March of 2013, so working quickly is a necessity when facing $40000 per day penalties assessed to the company. If they don’t make money then I don’t make money. Last week, I was tasked with “cutting in” several high efficiency take off collars. I had bought a TurboShear last year when I saw another “tinner” using one off them on a different job, but there hasn’t been the right opportunity for me to use it. As with most of my tools, the TurboShear worked its way to the bottom of my tool bag. I pulled out my red and green aviation snips, hammer, ¼ screw runner, and battery drill. I thought for a minute about how I could make it an easier assignment when I remembered the forgotten tool. I replaced both pair of aviation snips in the bag and interchangeably attached the TurboShear and ¼” runner to my battery drill. I couldn’t believe how the TurboShear worked when cutting its way through the ductwork penetrations. Along with how quickly the job was completed, I noticed that the effort my hands had been spared from during the worked performed.