Essential Tools for Your HVAC Career Path

6th August 2019 • Categories: HVAC

Hvac Career Path

Have plans this fall to study the ins and outs of heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC)? Malco commends you for enrolling in post-secondary schooling and taking your first step into the HVAC career path. There are many benefits of going into the HVAC field, such as a steady demand for technicians, being active during the workday, and helping to protect people’s health during extreme climates, to name a few. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, HVAC jobs are predicted to grow at a rate of 15% by 2026, more than twice as fast as the national average for all occupations. As America’s leading manufacturer of quality HVAC hand tools, whether you’re interested in commercial or residential HVAC career paths, we have the tools you need to succeed.

What’s the Difference Between Commercial vs. Residential HVAC?

There are numerous differences between the two HVAC career paths, but once you have an idea of which field you’re more interested in, you can better prepare for the types of classes you should take and the type of apprenticeship or job you want after graduation.

Commercial HVAC

Commercial work revolves around factories, office buildings, stores, restaurants, and schools, to list a few examples. If it’s not in a house, it’s considered a commercial system. These systems are big and typically custom-designed, so many commercial HVAC roles are highly specialized. This type of work also involves less customer face time and more predictable hours.

Residential HVAC

Residential work is focused on the home market. Installations are simpler to plan and are relatively easy to size and put in. Technicians must have excellent customer service skills since they usually interact directly with the customer. Service calls usually involve driving to more than one job site in a day, are typically on-call, and can be sales-oriented.

Must-Have Tools for Your HVAC Career Path

Starter kit for HVAC career path

Although you may still be deciding on which HVAC career path to choose, Malco has taken the guesswork out of which tools you’ll need. We’ve put together an HVAC Starter Kit that has all the staples required to succeed as a trade school student.

This kit comes in your choice of a Soft-Sided Tool Bag or Tool Backpack with 14 tools, ranging from a 5-Blade Sheet Metal Crimper to a TurboShear® drill attachment, with complimentary 100 packs of Zip-In and Bit-Tip® Screws. Quickly and easily cut, crimp, bend, fold, flatten, straighten, and screw through sheet metal with these specialty tools.

Our special ergonomic REDLINE® Handles are comfortable to use and offer non-slip grip contours, spring handle actuation, and a thumb-operated handle latch. The engineered handle opening of the tool complements the natural power stroke of any user’s hand.

Having durable and ergonomically designed hand tools will make all the difference as you gain experience working in an HVAC training classroom. When it comes to skilled labor occupations, the right equipment can almost be as important as education, training, and certification. Not only will these tools last during trade school, but they’ll also be important tools for your career as an HVAC technician.

As a strong supporter of careers in the trades, Malco annually donates more than $134,000 of in-kind products and apparel to a variety of skilled trade education programs, competitions, and events nationwide. “We are proud to work with education professionals across the country to recognize the hard work and dedication of the men and women in the trades,” said Malco CEO and President Mardon Quandt.

In addition to being an advocate for trade students, we’ve taken pride in manufacturing industry products that have promoted job safety and efficiency since 1950. Trust our tools to perform in the classroom and out in the field. Malco is committed to helping you succeed with your HVAC career!


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