Ergonomic Grips for Efficient Trade Tools: Malco RedLine® Handles

8th February 2022 • Categories: Products, Crimpers

Malco Ergonomic Grip Crimpers

Save your hands from painful fatigue! At Malco, we recognize the importance of ergonomic designs when developing all of our specialty products. In fact, the first tools that our founder, Mark W. Keymer, developed featured user-friendly, zinc-plated steel handles with extra linkage between handles and jaws to produce compound leverage. Continuing our founder’s legacy of innovation, we developed our exclusive Redline Handles to streamline work for trade professionals in multiple industries. When you use a hand tool with an ergonomic grip, you help make completing the job safer, more comfortable, and more efficient.

An Ergonomic Grip Evolution

Let’s take a deeper dive into the evolution of our tool handles, using our popular 5-blade sheet metal crimper as an example. As one of the first tools introduced by Malco in the 1950s, the original crimper featured an ergonomic handle made from zinc-plated steel. To further enhance user efficiency and control, sleek vinyl grips were added to the crimper and other existing compound leverage tools in the 1960s. After updating the design of our crimper in the 1990s to produce leak-proof connections and longer, shallower crimps, we were ready to take the next step on our journey of innovation.

Malco Ergonomic Grips Crimper Timeline

In 2004, we released our first tools with RedLine Handles, which offer a non-slip, ergonomic grip, spring handle actuation, and a thumb-operated handle latch for a natural fit and one-handed operation. An engineered handle opening compliments the natural power stroke of any user’s hand and maximizes the powerful 7:1 mechanical advantage of compound leverage head-to-handle linkage. You can count on these power grip handles to reduce discomfort and to not wear you down during continual use on the job.

Currently, Malco is proud to offer 20 various hand tools for the HVAC, RSG, and fencing industries that feature RedLine Handle technology. Some examples include:

  • 3- and 5-Blade Sheet Metal Crimpers
  • Hand Seamers
  • J-Channel Cutters
  • Snap Lock Punch for Vinyl Siding
  • Ceiling Grid Punch
  • Gutter End Cap Crimper
  • Vinyl Fence Hand Notcher

View the complete list here.

Minimize physical effort and maximize efficiency with RedLine Handle tools featuring ergonomic grips. Experience the Malco difference for yourself. Your body will surely thank you!