5 Must Have Roofing Tools that Make the Job Easier

15th May 2020 • Categories: Products

“The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.”—John F. Kennedy.

While anyone who works in roofing is quite aware that the sun is not always shining, Malco has the roofing tools that will at least make the job a little easier and more efficient. So, we’ve outlined a number of must-have roofing tools that you’re sure to use and love.

5 Malco Roofing Tools that Increase Efficiency


THE BEAST Asphalt Shingle Remover

Shingle removal is a beast of a job but now, finally, there’s a tool that’s up to the task. THE BEAST Shingle Remover from Malco makes a tough job bearable. THE BEAST cleanly lifts off heavy loads of shingles and pulls nails in one motion. Long handled models are available with either an adjustable head for

handling any roof pitch, or a versatile fixed head. Adjustable models also feature fiberglass handles and a choice of 48” (1.22 m) or 58” (1.47 m) tool lengths. All long handle BEASTS feature replaceable 10 gauge (3.40 mm) tempered steel blades with variable length teeth. A comfortable D-grip is also standard.

Short Handled BEAST

Man removing shingles with Malco's Baby Beast Shingle RemoverHandle those tight spots with a short handled “Baby” BEAST! For steep pitched roof caps and hard to get at dormers, overhangs, valley flashing and flashing around structures, this compact tool is indispensable. The short handled BEAST shingle removal tool also features extra side slots for pulling out nails along walls and from under trim. One piece steel integral handle is covered with a comfortable foam grip.


TurboShear — Asphalt Shingle Roofing Cutter,

Asphalt shingles on a roof being cut with a Malco TSS1Malco also makes roofing easier with our Asphalt Shingle Cutting TurboShear. This high-speed model is specialized for cutting all types of asphalt shingles. The clamp of this tool quickly attaches to any corded or cordless drill of your choice, including impact drills. Make fast, clean, straight trim cuts along a roof valley, or make square cuts and circles in shingles with equal precision and ease to fit around utility outlets. A wide jaw opening with a beveled lead-in tip accommodates multiple shingle layers and lateral blade adjustment capability makes this shear easily maneuverable in any life-rated shingle or thickness. A wide lower blade offers exceptional operator control. Heat-treated carbon steel blades with solid carbide inserts assure long cutting life. Replacement blades are also available and are easily installed at the job site.

Stone Coated Steel Roofing Cutter

Malco also has you covered when it comes to steel roofing tools as well. Our Stone Coated Steel Roofing Cutter makes fast, safe, precise cuts in stone coated steel shingles, shakes and tile style roofing, including DECRA, METRO and GERARD brands up to 30% easier than with other guillotines.

Compound leverage and generous handle length reduce user cutting force up to 30% versus other guillotine style cutters that pose a challenge to even the most seasoned pros. The shingle, including lock seam, is cut in one easy, steady motion. The shearing action has a “wiping” effect on the shingle’s zinc coating that seals the cut edge to resist rust.

A hardened steel blade and die offer reversible cutting edges for twice the cutting life, prior to sharpening. With the blade lockpin in place, this portable cutter is safe to transport and sets up virtually anywhere on the job site. Designed with two different length leg tubes provides the user with two height options. A large table surface allows sure-handed control and prevents damage to the workpiece. The table’s “feed-thru” design also allows long angle cuts for the roof hips and valleys.

3-Station Edge Roller

Malco provides a versatile solution for metal roofing pros with the ER3 3-Station Edge Roller. This product ensures a uniform bend along the entire length of the metal roofing material. It can quickly adjust for making 5/8” to 4” (15.9-102 mm) bends in 29-22 gauge (0.36-0.76 mm) steel. The product also features a precision English/Metric depth gauge on one shaft leg that, when locked in place at the desired setting, accurately aligns the depth of all roller stations. It’s also capable of making curved bends. The center roller station of the ER3 is adjustable, with outer roller stations retracted and locked, to allow for bending on a curve.

Check out all of Malco’s products for roofing pro’s today and find the tool you need to get the job done!

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