Cutting Steel Shingles Just Got 30% Easier!

18th August 2015 • Categories: New Product

Any roofing contractor will probably tell you what a pain in the you-know-what cutting steel shingles, shakes or tile style roofing can be! Well if you hear that in the future, you can tell the roofing professional all about Malco’s new Stone Coated Steel Roofing Cutter!

Stone Coated Steel Roofing Cutter


That’s right, hitting the market on Tuesday, August 18 is a new Malco product that will make cutting steel shingles 30% easier. The Stone Coated Steel Roofing Cutter allows you to make fast, safe, precise cuts in steel shingles, shakes and tile style roofing, including DECRA, METRO and GERARD brands, all season long.

Compound leverage and a generous handle length reduce user cutting force up to 30% versus other guillotine style cutters that pose a challenge to even the most seasoned pros.

The shingle, including lock seam, is cut in one easy, steady motion. The shearing action has a “wiping” effect on the shingle’s zinc coating that seals the cut edge to resist rust. A hardened steel blade and die offer reversible cutting edges for twice the cutting life, prior to sharpening. And even better, the blade and die are easily replaceable!

It cuts easier and with more quality and lasts a lot longer. Not bad, right? We’re pretty proud of it here at Malco.

With the blade lock-pin in place, the portable cutter is safe to transport and sets up virtually anywhere on the job site. The sturdy frame with two different length tubes provides the user with two working table height options. A large table surface allows sure-handed control and prevents damage to the work-piece. And the table’s “feed-thru” design also allows long angle cuts for roof hips and valleys.

Go to to see a video demonstration of this amazing tool in action. Also see our home page for links to your nearest Malco Dealer Location or Online Distributor.

Malco has always been a USA manufacturer of job-site tools and accessories that improve productivity and promote the health and safety of the hands-on pros who use them. An objective for over 60 years.

Stone Coated Steel Roofing Cutter

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