Cutting Corrugated or Box Pattern Metal Roofing?

11th November 2013 • Categories: New Product, Turbo Shears

We’ve Got a Nifty New Angle on Cutting Metal Roofing Panels!

The Malco TSCM TurboShear Drill Attachment makes easy cross cuts, fast lengthwise cuts, even circular and square outlets in large or small pattern corrugated metal roofing and most trapezoidal (box) pattern metal roofing panels.


Elongated blades with compact jaws create a steep 75-degree offset so that the drill is held at a nearly vertical approach when starting a cut.  As these offset blades follow the rising angle of a corrugated or trapezoidal profile, the drill handle or battery pack has clearance to naturally tip downward and still clear the roofing panel surface.

Like all Malco Turboshear Attachments, the versatile and portable TSCM likely fits a cordless or corded drill you already own.  Drill specifications: 3/8 in (9.53 mm) Chuck, Minimum 14.4 Volt Cordless or Maximum 7 Amp Corded Drill.  Cutting capacity in steel roofing is rated for 30 to 24-gauge (0.31 – 0.61 mm) including layered seams.  Long life blades are replaceable.                 

Visit for more product details and where to buy, or click here now to see a short video demonstration of the TSCM TurboShear Drill Attachment in action.  

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