Celebrating 20 Years of TurboShears

30th January 2023 • Categories: Uncategorized

Twenty years ago, the first TurboShear model, the TS1 launched. Originally designed to fill a need where manual shears just weren’t cutting it (literally!), Malco’s TurboShear TS1 model, introduced in 2003, was the answer to using tiring manual shears and imprecise, messy lines.

Now, Malco’s line of TurboShears can cut virtually anything you need, from sheet metal to vinyl to backerboard. As drill attachments, each model is highly versatile and portable, and because they’re drill-powered, they’re far more efficient than their manual peers – saving valuable time on the job.

Check out how Malco’s line of TurboShears has expanded over the 20 years, all designed to help you get the job done!

Meet Malco’s TurboShear Line

Transform your drill or impact driver into a turbo-powered shear with TurboShear attachments. Two decades ago, Malco’s team had the idea to cut a square hole in sheet metal. The only problem was how to do so. Enter the TurboShear! This innovation sparked a whole line for Malco, and has continued to be one of the top in-demand products year after year.

The Original TurboShear—the TS1

It all started with the original TurboShear, TS1. It’s economical, practical, and manufactured to the highest quality. As one of our fan favorites, particularly with HVAC trade pros, it cuts everything from sheet metals to vinyl.

Malco’s TSV1—the must-have multipurpose tool for your toolbox

Malco’s TSV1 Vinyl Siding Shears is an easy-to-use shear with scissor action that makes cuts a breeze! These shears aren’t limited to vinyl, though — they also can cut carpet, flashing, trim, rubber, and more.

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Grab Malco’s TSHD when only heavy duty will do

Next is the Malco TurboShear Heavy Duty (TSHD), a powerful sheet metal cutting tool that’s easily attachable and can make straight, curved, or square cuts. There’s a clear reason we named it “heavy duty,” offering hardened carbon steel blades that provide up to 18-gauge cutting capacity.

@malcoproductssbc Either way you flip it, you can count on one-handed operation with the TSHD TurboShear® Video credit: @ferramentasbrasil #mymalcotools #ductwork #airconditioninginstallation #hvactechnician #hvaclife #hvacinstall #hvacrepair #heatingandairconditioning #heatingsystem #heatingandcooling #skilledtrade #toolsofmytrade #contractorsoftiktok #hvaccontractor ♬ original sound – Shimoto, The Creator

For cutting corrugated mild steel on the go, try TSCM

Then, there’s the TSCM TurboShear, a highly efficient attachable shear with elongated blades that create a steep 75-degree offset approach for easy cross cuts, quick lengthwise cuts, and precise outlet cuts. They’re made to last and highly portable, as well as facilitating easy material flow.

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Malco’s TSMDversatility that fits any drill with clean shearing on both edges of the cut

Of course, there’s the double-cut metal shear TSMD TurboShear Drill Attachments. TSMD fits drills you already own, and is one of the most versatile models we offer. TSMD can navigate up to 90° outside profiles of metal roofing panels or metal ductwork, plus they’re highly durable.

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The powerful Asphalt Shingle Cutter Drill Attachment cuts multiple layers up to ½” thick

Need to cut asphalt? Malco’s TurboShear Asphalt Shingle Cutter has you covered. Its wide, flat lower blade ensures exceptional operator control, and the extra-wide jaw with a beveled lead-in tip means you can cut through multiple shingle layers at once.


Fiber Cement Siding Shear Drill Attachment – less dust and perfect for 5/16” siding

If cutting fiber cement is more up your alley, Malco’s TSF1 TurboShear Drill Attachment is the way to go. Using it results in extra-smooth results, and its versatility allows you to navigate curved pattern cuts for windows and door arches.

@malcoproductssbc “This is the best way I found to cut tile underlay” — @2ezytiling 🙌🔥 Showing off the TSF1 TurboShear®. A wide skid plate on the head design stabilizes cutting action for extra-smooth results in 5/16” (7.9 mm) fiber cement siding board. . . . #tilework #tileinstaller #tileinstallation #tile #tilingwork #flooring #bathroomreno #backerboard #fibercement #tileunderlayment #tilers #mymalcotools #toolsofmytrade #constructionlife ♬ Rock – alex_bryl

Avoid dust with the Backer Board Shear Drill Attachment – for ½” backer board

This drill attachment is a welcome method of cutting backer boards, versus other messy and imprecise methods that create a lot of dust. This long-lasting shear means clean cuts for years and years to come!

For the hand-cut look without the effort: Slate Cutting Drill Attachment

When you need to cut slate, there’s no better option than our powerful Slate Cutting Drill Attachment. It gives you that authentic hand-cut appearance, with the ease of a machine behind you, and a padded skid plate prevents scratches.

Malco is committed to making sure every single one of our products works, performs, and outlasts. The TurboShear line exemplifies every one of those qualities, and has helped trade pros finish countless projects over the last twenty years. Happy birthday, TurboShear!

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