Malco C-RHEX Dual-Sided Magnetic Hex Drivers are the Perfect Stocking Stuffer

10th December 2018 • Categories: New Product

malco crhex driverAs the 2018 calendar is flipped to its last page, we hope 2018 has been a happy and productive year for everyone out there. As the temperatures drop and the snow flies, we’re heading  straight into the holidays, and Malco wants you to know we’ve got you covered this year! If anyone on your shopping list uses or needs hand tools, we urge you to check out our 2018 Holiday Gift Guide, where you’ll find a wide variety of excellent gift ideas for the handyman or handywoman in your life.

magnetic hex driverWe’re also thrilled to announce that we now have our always popular C-RHEX Dual-Sided Magnetic Hex Drivers available in FOUR different convenient lengths. That’s right, FOUR different lengths—you asked for different lengths, and we heard you! In addition to the classic 2-inch model, we now have the C-RHEX Dual-Sided Magnetic Hex Drivers available in these longer lengths:

  • 2-5/8 inch (Model MSHLC)
  • 4 inch (Model MSHMLC)
  • 6 inch (Model MSHXLC)

C-RHEX reversible hex driverHand-tool technicians are now able to quickly change between ¼ in. and 5/16 in. hex sizes with Malco’s unique, exclusive, dual-sided magnetic hex drivers. The reversible hex socket fits over a ¼-inch magnet-tipped, ball locking hex shaft, and can be quickly reversed to change sizes. We’ve also eliminated the troublesome of metal shavings in the hex tip with the “Easy Clean Magnet.” Just swipe the tip with a glove or shop towel to clear any metal shavings. The tested torque of the reversible hex chuck driver design is equal to one-piece drivers.

“I’m an HVAC installer; I use this bad boy EVERY DAY, huge time saver. When I need to change nut sizes, I don’t have to root through a tool bag or search through pockets. I just reverse the chuck and I’m ready to keep going.”

“I love this thing; it’s replaced my 1/4 and 5/16 bits. Doing HVAC for a living, having these two bits so readily available just saves time on a job. Being able to actually clean the magnet is a godsend. I grabbed one for myself and my father-in-law; we both love it.”

We love to see user reviews like that, and that’s why we’re continuously trying to improve our existing products and coming up with new products to make the jobs of technicians who use hand tools easier and more efficient.

So give the perfect stocking stuffer to the hand tool technician on your list this year—Malco’s C-RHEX Dual-Sided Magnetic Hex Drivers—now in longer lengths!