The Best Fencing Tools You’ll Want This Summer

26th April 2017 • Categories: Chain Link Fence, Vinyl Fence Tools

Malco Fencing Tools

“Love they neighbor as yourself; but don’t take down the fence.”—Carl Sandburg

Backyard Season is Here – Malco Will Help You Make It Look It’s Best!

Don’t look now, but another school year is winding down and another summer is right around the corner. That means it’s time for backyard parties, family barbeques and lounging in the yard. That also means it’s time to get your fence into tip-top shape and Malco has several fencing tools to help you with that!

The Best Fencing Tools to Make the Job Easier

Fencing ToolsFor chain link fences, Malco’s Fencing Pliers are a must. Our legendary all-steel fencing pliers design features three serrated jaw areas, three built-in wire cutter locations and a compact, rounded and tapered nose. 8-in (203 mm) and 10-in (254 mm) sizes. Our Multi-Purpose Fencing Pliers provide a combination hammer, wire tensioner, staple remover, wire cutter and splicer so you’re able to accomplish a lot of tasks with just one tool.

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Hog Ring Pliers Fencing ToolsFor fencing pros, Malco offers a variety of Hog Ring Pliers and accessories that help you get the job done quickly and in the most professional manner.

Vinyl Fencing ToolsMalco has you covered for vinyl fencing as well. The VFN1 & VFN2 Notchers create 1/2 and 3/4 inch (13  and 19 mm) wide and 7/8 inch (22 mm) deep louver-shaped tabs in the end sections of vinyl fence pickets or rails.  The resulting raised tabs facilitate a durable lock that prevents the picket or rail from pulling out of the joint opening in a rail or fence post during high winds or abrupt blows.  Notcher performance is clean and precise in temperatures from 40 degrees F (-4.4 degrees C) to 120 degrees F (48.9 degrees C).  Hardened all-steel construction with rust-resistant nickel plate and black oxide finishes ensures long service life.

The Malco VFN1 and VFN2 Picket and Rail Notchers also feature ergonomic RedLine Handle technology.  An Engineered handle opening compliments the natural power stroke of any user’s hand and maximizes the powerful 7:1 mechanical advantage of compound-leverage head to handle linkage.  Comfortable handle grip contours, a non-slip grip insert, spring handle actuation and a thumb-operated handle latch ensure a natural fit and feel for comfortable one hand operation anywhere on the job.

Vinyl Rail Removal Fencing ToolWinter can sometimes take a toll on vinyl fencing, and if you’ve got some repairs that need to be done, the Vinyl Rail Removal Tool is THE tool to get you started. Now there is a reliable, safe and easy way to remove rails from vinyl post and rail fences. Anyone who has had to remove a vinyl fence rail fastened with a series of notched tabs knows the difficulty of performing this task without damaging the rail or post. The Malco Vinyl Rail Removal Tool is a must-have for all installers of vinyl post and rail fencing. This safe and easy-to-use little job-site tool features thin stainless steel blades with angled tips for insertion between the rail and post. A safety lanyard anchors the tool to prevent injury or loss of tool when extracting the rail. Insert, anchor and extract. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

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Whether you’re a fence professional, or just want to build or do some maintenance on an existing fence, Malco has all the fencing tools you could possibly need!

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