3 Must-Have Auto Body Tools to Get Your Automobiles Looking Their Best

30th March 2017 • Categories: Autobody Tools

Auto Body Tools

A Great Time to ‘Spring’ for these Auto Body Tools by Malco

April brings spring, a wonderful time of year the world over. Re-birth and renewal are all around us in the spring, from trees, to grass and flowers. Spring is also a great time to get your automobiles looking their best – and Malco has just the auto body tools to help you do it!

Malco’s power assisted Metal-Cutting TurboShears and Hemming TurboXTools are work-saving innovations targeted to the restoration and collision repair pro. In the TurboXTools series, Malco also offers the DSR Door Skin Remover Air Tool for repair pros.

Metal Cutting Auto Body Tool16 Gauge Metal-Cutting Air Turbo Shear: Step up to heavy-metal-cutting performance with a 16-gauge (1.52mm) capacity TurboShear from Malco Products. This Air TurboShear is rated for cutting automotive grade sheet steel including trunk pans and floor boards.

To see all the other Turbo Shear options and accessories, check out our products page here.


Door Hemming Auto Body ToolDH Door Hemming Attachment: Drill attachment for hemming replacement skins on doors of passenger vehicles and light trucks. To see the other Hemming tools and attachments, check out our page here. Hemming is the process of bending or folding the flange of the outer panel over the inner panel. The accuracy of the operation significantly affects the appearance of the outer surface of an automobile, so choosing high-quality auto body tools like Malco’s can greatly impact the look of your finished product.


Door Skin Remover Auto Body ToolDSR Door Skin Remover Air Tool: Air tool for cutting damaged door skins off door frames of passenger vehicles and light trucks. No more dust, dirt or sparks from time consuming grinding. And no risk of burn marks on the door frame. To see the other Door Skin Remover attachments, check out our page here.



Spring is a great time of year, and it’s certainly a time when people everywhere are getting their cars in to tip-top shape to show off during the spring and summer months. Malco has just the auto body tools for the restoration and collision repair pro. Get your car looking great this spring!

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