Animal Rescue

12th November 2012 • Categories: Santa's Writers Workship 11-12-12

Winner – Week 1

This is a true story–no bull! I was on a large construction site and as I came in view of the large colour bond corrigated water tank ,a large gathering of tradies were there.Apparently a kangaroo somehow got into the tank through the top opening.There was no way anyone could go inside to rescue the Roo before it drowned.They were debating on how to rescue it—now to skip all the boring details,I went into action.

I quickly went to my Ute and go out a drill and my trusty Malco Turbo Shears.Before you could count to ten,I had cut a large neat hole on the side of the tank.Soon ,out came the Roo through the water stream.The Roo bounded away into the sunset and I quicky patched up the hole in the tank and it was as good as new.What a reluctant hero that the Malco Turbo Shears turned me into.All the tradies were green with envy and they all wanted to buy a Malco Turbo Shear. HooRoo!!