Air-Actuated Solution For Controlled Dent Removal For Both The Specialist And Push-To-Paint Repair Tech

5th April 2013 • Categories: New Product, Autobody Tools, Rapid Dent Removal


Malco Products RDR Rapid Dent Removal Air Tool

Malco’s innovative Rapid Dent Removal System, “RADiTAP”, compliments the skills of both the paintless dent removal specialist and the collision repair technician. Both disciplines stand to lower costs with this dent removal system and add to the bottom line via time savings and reduced material, parts and overhead.

If you are a dent specialist, you will want to add  RADiTAP to your arsenal of tools and use it to remove accessible dents faster and easier than any other method.  If you are a collision repair pro, you will find that RADiTAP makes dent removal for push-to-paint body repair more efficient and practical than ever before.  And regardless of your focus, you will find air-actuated dent removal to be a welcome ergonomic solution that saves hand, wrist and arm strain.

The RADiTAP Rapid Dent Removal System offers adjustable air power for the pneumatic motor to vary the speed and intensity of the pick action to quickly and quietly work out dents with either a reciprocating action or controlled, vibrating hammer-like action as dictated by the head configuration.  A choice of 7 different tip or pick head configurations, plus separate 18, 36 and 48-inch (46, 91 and 122 mm) drive shaft rods,  are supplied with the RADiTAP to offer multiple set-up combinations for the dent removal task at hand.  Heads and rods access dents via openings from 3/4-in. to 1-1/8-in. depending on tip size.  Click here for more SPECs, IMAGEs, FAQs, FEATUREs, VIDEOs and more!

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