A complete spot weld removal solution!

16th April 2014 • Categories: Autobody Tools, New Product, Products, Uncategorized

Spot Weld Collage with TextThe Spot Weld Removal Kit from Malco Products consists of 8 pieces: 1) 3/8-in. Cutter Assembly; 5) Replacement Cutter Bits; 1) Replacement Center Drill; and 1) 5/16-in. Cobalt Drill.

The Cutter Assembly includes a double-ended bit, centering drill and non-slip hex shank.  The long-life bit easily threads onto the hex shank and is quickly reversible.  A center drill inserts into the shank and is held securely with a set screw.  The non-walking drill point keeps the cutter centered over the spot weld.  The cutter bit and center drill are also easily replaceable on the job.

A Cobalt Steel Drill Bit option features a self-centering, non-walking, shallow design.  Removal of spot welds by this method can be accomplished without drilling through both joined metal panels.  The squared-off drill bit tip leaves a precise, clean hole only in the top panel to be removed.  The remaining panel requires only minimal surface grinding.

The user can also opt for single solutions, with the availability of a Separate Spot Weld Cutter and a separate  Spot Weld Cobalt Drill Bit.  These components plus a Replacement Kit of Cutter Bits and Center Drill may also be used to simply keep the Spot Weld Removal Kit whole.

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