5 Must-Have Tools for Vinyl Siding

25th July 2022 • Categories: Vinyl Siding

Construction season is in full swing! Malco is here to help. We offer the professional-grade tools for vinyl siding you need to get the job done right. For good reason, vinyl has become one of the most popular types of siding on the market. It’s a low-maintenance, durable, and economical choice. However, replacing or installing the panels can be challenging without the correct siding tools. Check out this list of our recommended vinyl essentials to add to your collection.

Innovative Tools for Vinyl Siding

Malco's TSV1 cutting a piece of tan vinyl siding at an angle

1. Vinyl Siding TurboShear® (TSV1)

Get the power you need in a compact package. Make fast straight cuts, circles, or squares in 0.055” vinyl siding with Malco’s TSV1 attachment. It features a knife-like beveled blade edge that easily penetrates the lock seam edge to cut any shape you need in seconds. Use this power-assisted attachment with a cordless drill or small impact driver for ultimate portability and convenience. Its wide-opening jaws can operate at high or low speeds for optimum control to follow a precise cut line.

Side Swiper Tool

2. SideSwiper® II Vinyl Siding Removal Tool (SRT2)

Built with an easy-to-grasp handle and a non-slip textured grip, the steel SideSwiper produces a smooth unlocking motion that will cleanly remove vinyl siding. The blade is angled from the bottom plane of the handle and allows the user to keep their wrist straight while keeping knuckles well above the work. It’s a virtually indestructible tool that’s built to last.

Malco J Channel Cutter for Vinyl Siding
product import

3. J-Channel Cutters (JCC50R, JCCR & JCC75R)

Effortlessly make drain tabs, downstream notch cutouts, and miter trim cuts in vinyl channel. Available in three sizes for 1/2”, 5/8”, and 3/4” channel, tool operation is fast and easy. Graduations on the upper jaw can gauge tab or notch depths from 3/8” to 1-1/4”. Hardened all-steel construction with rust-resistant nickel chrome and black oxide finishes ensures long service life. Featuring a powerful 7:1 mechanical advantage and ergonomic RedLine® Handle technology, this tool won’t wear you down.

Malco SL8R Vinyl Siding Snap Lock Punch

4. Snap Lock Punch for Vinyl Siding (SL8R)

Produce wider, more prominent rectangular tab projections for securing vinyl skirting or siding to finishing trim with this handy tool. The raised tabs grip a greater surface area and guard against dislodging during times of high pressure and wind. The SL8R is also built with user-friendly RedLine Handles and a 7:1 mechanical advantage for optimal comfort and strength.

5. Ultra-Lightweight Vinyl Cutting Snips (ULV10)

Engineered to withstand all types of weather conditions, these snips weigh less than 9 oz. The ULV10 is built with a strong polymer frame and razor-sharp replaceable blades for lasting durability. Produce a long, controlled 3” cut in thick vinyl and non-ferrous materials or fabrics, including trim coil. It’s the perfect option for smooth manual cuts.

At Malco, we take pride in offering top-quality tools for vinyl siding that work hard, enhance performance, and stand up to years of real-world use on the job. Try them out and experience the difference for yourself!