5 Metal Scribe Tools to Streamline Your Project

15th September 2022 • Categories: Products, Construction, HVAC, Sheet Metal Tools

trusted metal scribe tools by malco

Ready, set, scribe! Marking metal is easier than ever with Malco tools. Fun fact: One of the first products that our Founder Mark Keymer released back in the 1950s was the scratch awl. It’s a trusted tool that has withstood the test of time, with generations of trade pros using it on the job. Fast forward to the present day, Malco is pleased to offer various metal scribe tools that are adjustable, portable, and quick to use for any straight or circular marking application.

Handy Metal Scribe Tools by Malco


Scratch Awls

Here’s a classic hand tool with reliable performance. Malco Scratch Awls are perfect for scribing lines on metal, plastic, and a variety of other materials. Pierce holes in wood, plastic, leather, and even light-gauge metal with ease. This tool is available in seven models with various blade diameters, lengths, and regular or large shock- and shatter-resistant handles for versatility. The blades are built with high-carbon, alloy tool steel to resist rust while tapering to a fine point that may be resharpened repeatedly.

Adjustable Sheet Metal Scribe Tool (A60)

Look no further for a pocket-sized tool that can measure, mark, and scribe trim lines on sheet metal in one easy operation. It’s as simple as setting your desired trim depth on the scriber extension and tightening the knob. The stop at the end of the scriber sleeve glides along the edge of work as a sheet metal screw point scribes a clean, hard line. The adjustable design works for 1/4” to 12-1/2” (6.4 to 318 mm) depths in 1/8” (3.2 mm) graduations. This metal scribe tool is constructed of rust-resistant, nickel-plated steel with a knob featuring a hardened-steel bolt insert that won’t strip out.

Carbide-Tipped Scribe (A50)

Durable design. Replaceable tip. Pocket clip. Three unique features of the Malco Carbide-Tipped Scribe. Mark fine lines on hardened steel, as well as glass, ceramics, plastics, or sheet metal. The retractable carbide tip is durable but can be easily replaced for long service life. The handy pocket clip makes it effortless to bring the scribe wherever you go.

Fast-Adjusting Scribers (18 & 24)

Mark circles in seconds with these fast-adjusting scribers. Built with a nickel-plated steel body, choose from two models for circles up to 32” (81 cm) and 42” (107 cm) to best meet your needs. Accurate adjustments can be made quickly for each task to save time and effort. On top of that, the points can be easily resharpened or replaced for extended tool life.

Pocket-Sized Sheet Metal Scribe Tool (A40)

Get ultimate versatility in a small package. Quickly and accurately scribe commonplace trim lines on galvanized sheet metal. Perfect for storage in a pocket, pouch, or tool bag, this compact tool features five teeth that produce 10 scribing depths from 1/8” to 1” (3 to 25 mm). Each scribing depth size features a dual-edged point to create clean, readable, and accurate score lines parallel to the edge of the metal sheet. Made with a corrosion-resistant finish and etched-in dimensions for readability, this mini scribe is built to last.

With these metal scribe tools in your collection, you’ll be set up for success for years to come. Available online and at dealers near you, give these specialty marking tools a try!