10 Must-Have Automotive Body Tools for Your Collection

17th August 2020 • Categories: Autobody Tools

Automotive body tools

Upholding a legacy of innovation and evolution, Malco continuously adapts to an ever-changing industry landscape and recognizes emerging needs for new or enhanced tools. A decade ago, we entered the automotive market, which presented opportunities to manufacture specialty tools that cut, prep, repair, and weld vehicle door panels and surfaces. Since then, we’ve expanded our range of automotive body tools that help users to save time and energy, as well as increase safety and productivity. In recognition of our 10 years in this vital market, check out these 10 unique tools that you’ll reach for time and time again.

Automotive Body Tools for Every Task


Conformable Sander (CSH5 & CSH8)

Unlike standard, static sanding blocks, these are the first reusable, flexible sanding blocks that hold a hand-pressed shape throughout the entire sanding process. Available in 5” or 8” lengths, easily grasp the contours of the tool to reduce fatigue and ensure even-pressure sanding. 


Axial Weld-Bonding Pliers Kit (WPAK)Axial Tool

Simply clamp, weld, and release. This comprehensive set includes six different pliers in a grab-and-go, hard-shell case. Made with forged steel construction and a durable finish to extend tool life and resist welding splatter, each design is made to help address specific pain points when welding materials together.

SW1 (Kit)

Spot Weld Cutter Kit (SW1)

Here’s your one-step solution to remove spot welds. This kit includes one 3/8” cutter assembly, five replacement cutter bits, one replacement center drill, and a 5/16” cobalt drill bit. The long-lasting drill bit features a self-centering, non-walking, and shallow design, which prevents drilling through both joined metal panels.

Steel Cutting & Screwing

TurboShear® Automotive Heavy Duty (TSHD1)TSDH1 Auto TurboShear

Cut through sturdy 18-gauge automotive steel with minimal force and one-handed operation. The TSHD1 can attach to cordless/electric drills, small impact drivers, and air drills. A wide jaw opening navigates cuts in auto body panels and profiles, including layered metal, rocker panels, and plastic bumpers.

C-RHEX® Cleanable, Reversible Magnetic Hex Drivers (MSHCM1, MSHMLCM1 & MSHXLCM1) 

Screw through steel in seconds. Always have 6 mm and 8 mm hex sizes on hand with this unique reversible driver. The slim 6 mm hex head allows access to tight areas. Easily remove buildup of metal shavings in the hex tip with the swipe of a glove or shop towel.

Tools for Trade School Graduates

Hole Punch and Flange Air Tool (PF1 EV & PF2 EV)

Reduce metal fabrication time by half. Its versatile design allows the operator to use just one tool for making both holes (5/16” or 13/64” diameter) and deep offset flanges in 22- to 18-gauge automotive-grade, mild steel. 


Door Work

TurboXTools™ DSR Door Skin Remover Drill Attachment (DSR1)

Say goodbye to dust, dirt, or sparks from time-consuming grinding, as well as any risk of burn marks on a vehicle door. With a drill and this attachment, remove damaged door skins of cars and light trucks right off the frame. 

TurboXTools™ DH Door Hemming Drill Attachment (DHT1)

Malco Door Hemming Tool Drill Attachment

Get a factory-like finish every time. With convenient one-handed operation, insert this attachment into the chuck of a power drill to efficiently and precisely hem the edges of replacement door skins, of different thicknesses, with limited manual tacking.


TurboXTools™ Quarter Panel Hemming Drill Attachment (QHT1) QHT1

Designed to replicate a hammer and dolly motion at high speed, with greater precision, less fatigue, and faster results, easily bend and close wheel arc flanges of replacement quarter panels with this attachment and a cordless drill or impact driver. It performs up to 80% faster than the traditional method and won the 2014 SEMA Award for Best New Product in the collision repair and refinishing category.


Dent Repair

Malco Raditap Autobody Tool

Raditap Rapid Dent Removal System (RDR)

Look no further for a fast, air-actuated solution for controlled dent removal and push-to-paint repair. This innovative system offers adjustable air power to vary the speed and intensity of the pick action to work out dents quietly and effectively with minimum arm, wrist, and hand strain. 

If you’re in the market for quality automotive body tools for repair or refinishing tasks, Malco has got your back. We look forward to serving trade professionals in the auto body market for years to come.